Our city Toyokawa is in the southeast of AichiPrefecture. In the north we have the number 1 mountain in the Mikawa region, Mt.Hongu. We are also lucky enough to have the calm MikawaBay in the south.
In recent years our city has grown in size and now boasts an area of 160-square-kilometers and a population of about 183,000. Our city increased in size and population because of the merger with Ichinomiya-cho, Otowa-cho and Mito-cho
Toyokawa is in the East Mikawa region which has a warm climate, so it is rich in nature. You will be greeted with an abundance of natural beauty during any of the four seasons in which you choose to visit. In addition, it has been one of the most important points of traffic in this area since the days of Manyo. Even now there are a lot of people coming and going because of the Tomei Expressway, Route 1, Shinkansen, Tokaido and Meitetsu main line which pass through the city. Also, the city has a lot of historical heritage.
We hope we can inform you about a lot attractive sightseeing spots and events in Toyokawa through this website, and to have you know more about Toyokawa and enjoy to your visit.
Now we would love you to come to Toyokawa. We will be waiting for you.